I build leading web apps on niche markets

Since 2010

Core values

My guidelines for product design

Evergreen niches

I solve long-time specific problems that will still exist in the next decade.

Uncontested markets

I adapt and specialise proven business models either to specific industry, country or job.

High usability

I design easy to use and quick to learn products, polished to be as hassle-free as possible.

Minimal design

Functionnalities and graphical design are reduced to what's really useful, without any distraction.


I build bridges with leading complementary solutions and partnership with their editors.


I love responsive applications that react quickly and adapt to whatever OS, desktop or mobile.

Fanatical support

I invest much more on support than marketing, because our best salespeople are our customers !

Communities focused

I dedicate time on forums and social networks to listen carefully what's going on in our fields.

About me

Saasium SARL is a French one-man company based in Paris, founded in 2010

Florian MORATA

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My Contact Details

Saasium SARL
5 bd Davout
75020 Paris
Phone: +33(0) 1 83 620 520